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Snackr, an RSS ticker - nj — LiveJournal
Snackr, an RSS ticker
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From: (Anonymous) Date: July 24th, 2008 09:07 am (UTC) (Link)

Wow I never saw the picture!!!Till now

Teresa looks radiant. She mostly did with Pa in the room. NJ clean your room. Ha Ha ha! I have seen your pictures, Narciso boy. I hadn't seen one with her in 17years. I have a smile a mile wide. Well. I guess I missed both of your weddings. and you have missed mine. For shame. Harden not your heart. My kids love the pictures of your kids Ants. I have seen none of Chi's. I Love you both. I am bound for Louisiana soon. I go back and forth to Houma,LA from Aldine where we still live. I stay at a truck stop down the street from the Houma airbase called the Sportsman's Grill. They have a free high speed internet 54MBs wireless that I use when I am there killing time looking for freight to make money. I get onto Yahoo Messenger while I surf and devour news from NY, while I hope my long lost Teresa is okay there. I dream of Harpers Ferry,MD because I have transported a load through there once two years ago on the way through Carney's Point. What a beautiful place without snow! Oh yeah, my Yahoo Messenger id is kc5ocy281usa I keep a usb camera and mic and earphones so I can carry on video teleconferencing for free to the PI and Japan and to home in Houston. Maybe one day to Oakland or somewhere Merry Land Take care till I ever hear from you again.
Franky TX
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