February 23rd, 2004

Miranda Picture of the Day

By popular demand1, Chez Iguana is instituting a Miranda Picture of the Day service:


At the Miranda Picture of the Day website, you'll find a new picture of Miranda each day.2a,2b See Miranda in an endless succession of outfits3 on an endless succession of blankets!4 Watch as she discovers her own reflection in the mirror!5 Etc.6


1 Site not guaranteed to be popular.
2a Picture may not actually be updated each day due to sleep deprivation, forgetfulness, laziness, or acts of Miranda.
2b Picture uploaded on a given day may not actually have been taken that same day.
3 Succession of outfits not guaranteed to be endless.
4 Succession of blankets is only nearly endless.
5 Interesting reaction not guaranteed.
6 Variety and quality of pictures not guaranteed.
7 Cuteness is guaranteed. After all, this is Miranda we're talking about.