May 12th, 2004

my nose in lights

Dreamweaver was inducted into Software Development Magazine's "Hall of Fame", so my bald head is on the cover of the June issue, along with other Dreamweaver folks (almost all of whom have been around since 1.0, though most of us aren't working directly on DW anymore), and in a couple of pictures inside. For those of you who remember Sho Kuwamoto, he's on the cover too (he's my boss). Doesn't look like they have an image of the cover on the website, but if you pass by a geek magazine stand, you might see it.

The other Hall of Fame inductees from past years are BoundsChecker, Visual Basic, Visio, O’Reilly and Associates, Visual SlickEdit by MicroEdge, Borland and MSDN. (I guess some years it's a company rather than a product.)