August 11th, 2004

[geek] procmail questions

If any procmail gurus are reading this, I have a couple of questions. I've read the man pages and the FAQ, and I don't think these things are possible, but I figure some hacker wiser than I could figure them out.

(1) Can you get procmail to delete a message instead of moving it to a folder?

(2) Since I own, all mail to any address at goes to my mailbox. Since a lot of spammers send the same email to multiple random addresses, I'd like to detect if I've received several messages with the same subject line at multiple addresses, and if so, treat all of them as spam. Is there any way to get procmail to figure this out? It looks like it's oriented towards processing a single message at a time, not analyzing multiple messages at once.

(In theory, I should just filter out any email not to my main address. But I developed the habit awhile ago of giving different mail addresses when registering at various web sites, so I could figure out if any of them were spamming me with non-relevant mail. The problem is that I actually do want "legitimate" mail from those web sites in most cases, and I haven't actually kept track of what all the addresses are that I've used, so if I just filter out anything that isn't addressed to "nj", I'll filter out legitimate mail as well.)