September 13th, 2004

plastination exhibit in US

Woohoo--the plastinated bodies exhibit is in the US till January! It's in Los Angeles, so certain people in the area (*cough* tongodeon *cough* matrushkaka) are REQUIRED to see it, if they haven't already, and Bay Area folks should really consider taking a roadtrip.

For those who don't know, plastination is a process for long-term durable preservation of human and animal corpses. The inventor of the process is also something of an aesthete, so for the exhibit he's presented the corpses in really interesting ways. Here are some hi-res photos: one, two, three.

morrisa saw the exhibit in London, and gives it two peeled thumbs way up. I'd really like to see it--I'll have to see if she'll let me take a couple days away from the baby to go down to LA...