September 15th, 2004

miranda at 7 months

Miranda seems to have undergone a burst of developmental changes in just the last 2-3 weeks:
  • more complex babbling--starting to get the "d" consonant, and making sounds like "dada" and "doggie" (but doesn't really seem to understand them as words yet)
  • seems more intentional, wanting specific things
  • nearly crawling--mostly a gollum-like lurching crawl, but some real crawling
  • can get into and stay in a sitting position
  • showing mommy-preference signs (whines when mommy hands her off or puts her down)
  • pulling herself up using the side of her crib to a kneeling position, bouncing her butt, and chewing on the crib
  • pulling herself up mommy's leg and standing up while supporting herself with one hand
  • jostling/shushing to sleep no longer works as well--pacifier starting to help (she didn't used to be very interested in them)
  • getting up much earlier (4 am, sigh), but taking longer naps during the day
  • in addition to tasting things, now vigorously waving them and banging them on other things to hear the sound
  • eating lots of different kinds of baby food (started earlier, about 6 weeks ago)
  • grabbing things off tables in front of her
  • in general, is becoming much more of a handful, but is still a CUTIE WOOGUMS WOO.