September 17th, 2004


Our house was robbed today.

Everyone's okay--we were all out of the house at the time, and Fizgig seems fine. Nothing was destroyed, except for the runner of the window they came in through. (They didn't actually break the glass--they just pulled the window open.) Oddly, the window they opened was right behind the dollhouse in Morrisa's art studio, but they managed not to disturb anything as they came in.

We haven't figured out everything they took yet, but so far, it looks like they took my personal laptop, most of our DVDs, my PlayStation 2 and all the games, a camera lens, and some jewelry.

Oddly, they didn't take other things I would have expected them to take:
-- our main computer
-- our TiVo
-- a diamond pendant I bought Morrisa earlier this year (in the same cabinet as some less-expensive jewelry that they did take)
-- some boxed set DVDs (I guess I can understand why they didn't take all 20 Muppet Show DVDs, but...)
-- a digital camera that was sitting near the computer (it was just a point-and-shoot, but still, very small and easy to take)

Overall, we were pretty lucky. Except that our house was violated by strangers.

So: we're getting an alarm system, I'm passwording all my computers from now on, and I'm going to write down serial numbers for all equipment I buy.

Yes, it's ridiculous that we didn't do all these things before. Luckily, I never did anything financially-related on the laptop, as far as I can remember, so the only thing they could get off of it is some photos (though that's plenty creepy enough).

I really wonder what they thought of Fizgig, though. I hope he barked his ass off at them.