September 23rd, 2004

must-read tv

Just got America (The Book), by The Daily Show writers. I've gotten so jaded with satiric writing that it usually doesn't make me laugh out loud, but this book actually does. It's funny like the Onion was about five years ago. I heartily endorse this product or service.

"The Ages of Democracy: 3. Adolescence. A democracy's most turbulent time...Your relationship with your Founders will change; you'll find yourself questioning whether they had it all wrong when it came to, for instance, slavery. Physically, your private sector will mature, your mineral deposits will start surfacing, and you will experience the first stirrings of interest in women, specifically in letting them vote."

"The Magna Carta continues to shape twenty-first-century views on topics as diverse as escheat, socage, burage, novel disseisin, and the bailiwicks of Gerard of Athee."