October 13th, 2004

debate 3-D

Sadly, I think Bush did really well in this debate. He trotted out some of the usual exaggerations and outright lies, but his answers were relatively substantive and sounded much less defensive than in the second debate.

I thought Kerry kind of sucked, both in presentation and substance. He seemed stammery, less confident, and some of his answers were obvious left turns from the actual question. (Turning the flu vaccine shortage into yet another reiteration of his rant on health care, for example.) He spent way too much time rattling off numbers. He also had a lot of "me too" answers, although that's largely because Bush happened to get first crack at some questions on which they basically agree.

On the other hand, the pundits seem to think it was pretty even, and the CNN insta-poll actually suggested that Kerry "won" by the same amount as the first debate. Who knows?