December 22nd, 2004

more deep keyboard questions

I was also wondering why the standard Microsoft and Logitech keyboards don't have a split/bulge design anymore, which Morrisa and I had both gotten used to. Apparently, it's more "innovatively ergonomic" (PDF) to have a completely flat keyboard now. Huh?

(Morrisa feels like the flat keyboard actually hurts her hands. I don't have much trouble getting used to it, but I do feel like the split keyboards give me more comfortable wrist angles.)

jolie holland

It's not at all the kind of music I normally listen to, but I really like Jolie Holland's Escondida. It's a unique intertwingling of folk/blues/country/jazz--nostalgic, but subtly modern in lyrics and arrangement, and utterly unpretentious. She's like an indie encyclopedia of American vocal music.