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tritone's Journal

22 July 1971
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Narciso is an unusual boy. He skipped kindergarten and is physically small and delicate-looking for his age. His peers have infrequent contact with him since N.J. attends fourth grade reading and math in the mornings and Quest one afternoon a week. His classmates tolerate and respect him. At times both N.J. and his classmates demonstrate frustration with each other. They become exasperated at his constant answers, and he at their slowness. N.J. has a positive relationship with adults. He talks freely and is always very polite.

He is self-confident, particularly in computer related areas, yet still needs reinforcement. He plays piano diligently at home, but seems to enjoy playing with computers with his father more than anything else. He is not fond of recess. His conduct is excellent. N.J. is a very intense and private little boy with limited humor. His family and schoolwork are extremely important to him.